Flickering Vision

Have you ever been in one of those classes where you have no idea what the professor is talking about? He keeps using really big words like “accoutrements” and “sesquipedalian.” Somehow he gets onto rabbit trails that only he is smart enough to understand. You are chasing after that rabbit as hard as you can, but he darts into a little hole and you are left shrugging your shoulders. By the time your professor gets onto what a “paradigm shift” is your brain finally does you a favor and turns itself off.

If it’s me, my brain becomes a computer screen that goes black after a little while. I haven’t been shut down but a little red ball starts hitting each side of my screen. By this time, I am not hearing or seeing anything. I’m not unconscious, but it is like I have selective amnesia. I sit paralyzed in my seat. My eyes are fixated on the board, and I don’t blink for about 3 minutes. Then I start having a flickering vision about the amazing white mocha I am going to have right after class. I can practically smell the coffee grounds as I debate whether or not I should get a venti. Everybody knows I deserve it for sitting through this intellectual bliss. This is about the time the professor rudely interrupts my well nurtured daydream by asking, “What do you think?”

The voice at the end of the tunnel soon has eyes peering right at me. I gulp loudly and think “I haven’t heard a word you’ve said!” I smile guiltily as I question, “Why haven’t I been paying attention?” After an awkwardly long time, I want to bang my head against the desk because I must offer an answer. I finally say “Oh, I think that sounds pretty good.” Hoping he hasn’t just said something blasphemous.

Class isn’t the only time my brain goes out to lunch when she should be working. For example, today I found myself standing in front of a bookshelf just starring at it. My eyes came back into focus as I asked myself, “What am I looking for?” I have no idea! I walked up the stairs….paused… and then nothing. What am I doing?

Not only does my mind wonder off in class and at home, but my favorite one happens when I’m driving. I like to call it getting on auto pilot. I am not thinking about where I am going, but my arms steer and my foot presses the accelerator. When I wind up going to church instead of Wal-Mart I am so frustrated.

The question is where does my mind wonder off to? How long will it be gone? What can I do to reel it back in? Does this happen to anyone else?

P.S. In case if you are wondering:
Function: adjective

1 : having many syllables
2 : given to or characterized by the use of long words


5 thoughts on “Flickering Vision

  1. I was so glad my professor didn’t call on me today, cause he was definitely far down the tunnel–far, far away!

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