The Blowout


I just love being a mom! But I  have to laugh when I think back on some of the crazy mornings I’ve had.
One of my favorite days went like this:
7:35a.m. – Blow out #1
7:45a.m. – Spit up all over the floor
7:55a.m. – Blow out # 2
Function: Verb

1) A diaper explosion that you may “hear” from another room.

2) The contents of a dirty diaper literally “blow out” onto clothes, up a baby’s back, or into the baby’s hair.     

3) A bath is needed
              a.      For baby
              b.      In extreme cases:  for mothers too 

Another day I was up early with Elias thinking, “Wow…two dirty diapers and it’s only 4:30a.m…this is going to be a long day!”

How can I not love my sweet baby?


One thought on “The Blowout

  1. It is hard to believe how much he has grown up! You have such an eye for photography Ash! (wanna do my wedding! hee hee…u can be the matron of honor…photographer…i mean, and the list goes on!!) haha …anyways! that last picture of him in the bed…i feel like “GO PICK UP THAT BOY!” haha it is such a cute picture but i don’t know how you left him sitting there so precious for just even a second! 😀 You could seriously enter these in to a baby magazine though 🙂

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