Love Languages

I may be a man’s worst nightmare! That may sound harsh, but I recently pinpointed my two love languages, and I’m sure they are the two that would make any man want to run for his life. Time and gifts! If we boil these expressions of love down to the bare bones, I pretty much want time and money! I keep asking myself, “Why does it have to be time and money?” I mean time coupled with gifts (a.k.a. money) is like a lose/ lose situation. If Mark goes to work, he’s not spending time with me, and if he stays home, he has no money to buy me gifts. I’m being silly, but you can see the problem.

I love gifts so much, and Mark is so good at giving them to me that I sometimes contemplate sending out a change of address form to:

92nd Cardboard Box

Under a Local Bridge, TN, 37922

If I look at the positive side of this, Mark and I will have all the time in the world to spend together as we beg for a living. We can hold up our sign that says, “Why lie? This is for coffee.”

Thankfully I have found a wonderful man who gives me both time and gifts!


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