Puddle Jumper

Whenever someone walks onto a plane with a baby, the first thought that runs through a passenger’s mind is “Oh man, I hope that baby isn’t sitting next to me.” This can be for many reasons, but mainly because babies cry. 

Last week, I was scared that I would be “that lady” with a baby. I just knew Elias would scream the whole duration of the flight, or squirm right out of my arms. I could have worked myself into a panic over what I thought would happen. However, as we took our seats on six different flights (round trip), Elias was content to play quietly, eat, or sleep–not to cry! I am a little biased, but he really was such a good baby!

My mom, Elias and I traveled together to the White Mountains of Arizona to see extended family. Our last flight was this little puddle jumper. It only had 19 passenger seats.

As we waited to take this flight, I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy when a young pilot headed toward the plane. I like to think that I  am still young, but our pilot looked like he was 12 years old. Not comforting!

Despite of all of our fears we boarded the plane.

On the our plane ride Mom and I learned what to do if a baby has a dirty diaper at 20,000 feet in the air. I never knew they actually had changing tables in those tiny bathrooms!

Elias may have missed his daddy who was at Southern Seminary taking a class, but he never felt  unloved thanks  to his Mimi!

Elias wore a little shirt with planes on it because this was his first ever plane ride. He loved looking out the window!

During the flight my prayer life increased. I am used to the normal size planes where you don’t even feel like you are moving. I took my first flight without my parents at age 7 so I’m not easily frightened by being in the air. However, this tiny plane reminded me of a toy airplane that spins around on a string. I kept taking deep breaths and telling myself, “the Lord holds the string… the Lord holds the string” as we bounced through the air.  I had to pray so I didn’t stand up in the isle and scream, “We’re all going to die!” That statement would have been true, we are all going to die someday, but mostly likely it won’t be because of this flight.

I had to take many of my thoughts captive on this flight. For example: I had to tell myself to remain seated and not to stand up and yell about our impending doom. I also had to tell myself not to harmonize my screams with the airplane wheels. When they came down it seriously sounded like a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. The 8 other people on the plane probably thought it was me screaming.

We did make it to our destination safely. My grandparents picked us up from the airport and we enjoyed a wonderful week with family.   


2 thoughts on “Puddle Jumper

  1. Elias has the best facial expressions and you are an amazing writer and Mommy. Please, oh, please let me hear you harmonize your screams with airplane wheels someday. One time Abi threw up all over herself and me on an airplane. Lovely.

    • Lisa that is so funny! I have no idea what I would do if Elias would have thrown up on me. Just sit there and smile at all of the neighboring passengers. haha…. oh the joys of motherhood. kids make for some funny stories. I love it!

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