Dani is Engaged- Part 2

By: Dave Park (aka- My Dad)

Being a Dad, a father is never easy. You want your child to follow Christ – really live for the Lord. You never really know how deep their walk is until you get to see who they bring home and finally who sits across the table from you as a father and asks for permission to marry your little girl. Well a few days ago, one Joey Bruno did just that. There he sat, having no idea how much time and love Grace and I had invested into our girl. We taught her to walk, we taught her to speak. We taught her how to follow Christ. Now he wants to run off and spend the rest of his life with our girl. He really has no idea what he is asking for – yet there he was and I could see who our daughter had brought home. I could see what he was like. I couldn’t help but smile, a Bible major and theologian with a heart filled with questions and a desire to teach anyone who would listen all the mysteries he really yet doesn’t understand. I had to love him. He is godly, on the right path and most importantly loves my little girl. So I said it, “Yes, you may have permission to marry our girl Dani”. Well, on August 10, 2010 in Phoenix, AZ the same town were I asked my wife Grace to marry me, our daughter Dani got engaged. Dani, I’m proud of you – you have chosen well – I see Christ in you and in the young man you brought home. So go with our blessing and follow Christ with all your heart and give all your heart to this young theologian named Joey Bruno!

If you want to read more from Dave Park check out his blog at infusionministries.wordpress.com

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