First Words

I was holding Elias in my arms when he said his first word. I just knew he would say “dada” first. After I carried him, fed him, and loved him, I just knew he would smite me and call out for his father. However, he didn’t say “mama” or “dada” like I expected.

Instead he said “hello.” It was as clear as an adult talking. In fact it was so clear I thought I was making it up. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I looked at my dad and then back at my son. “Did you hear that?” I asked my dad. He had heard it too. So there you have it, Elias has spoken. He has said hello to the world.

The next day Elias was on his changing table and I heard him babbling. It sounded like he was saying “booooom” so of course I stated saying “ma-ma.” Mark and I are competing for him to say our name first, so I have to get in all the practice I can. After the fifteenth exaggerated “ma-ma” Elias looks up and to my amazement he mumbles “Moooomm.” Nearly wanting to dance, I became so proud that he said mom, and that I had won.

Now in case if anyone doubts that he can say mom or mama… I have witnesses that can testify to hearing him say “mama” a few days later in his pack-n-play. So I believe I have won fair and square.  

So I put together Elias’ words (so far) and he has said “hello mom” I’m a little biased, but he really is a great little baby!


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