Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

In a trancelike state, I sat starring out of my car window. Sitting in the passenger seat while Mark navigated traffic on I-40, my eyes beheld the golden sun as it began to set. It was a perfect circle, bright and radiant. It truly was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in Knoxville. That is about the time I started punching Mark’s arm to get his attention as I blurted out, “Oh…oh…oh… Mark look at the moon!” He managed to keep the steering wheel steady as he chuckled, “Did you say moon?” My face stayed glued to the window as I tried to save my dignity, “Huh?… What? Moon?… No honey, that is the sun, everybody knows that.” Unfortunately it was too late; everybody knew I had just called the sun -the moon. Bursting into laughter, I thought to myself, “I hate it when I say dumb things!”

I hate when I say dumb things, but I really hate it when I do dumb things. The worst blonde moment I ever had was my freshman year of college. It all started when my “blonde” roommate asked me to give her a ride. The two of us together was a problem in itself. We could get laughing so hard, that we couldn’t stop. Despite the danger of uncontrollable laughter, I continued to listen to what she wanted. She mentioned something about getting her car repaired and that the place was really close. I told her it would be no problem to take her, and that we could go right away.

The two of us hopped in my green Pontiac Grand Prix and were on our way. We drove to a neighborhood that was about two minutes from the college. That is when we had blonde moment number one. Neither of us had asked for directions so we  had no idea where we are going. After about 3 wrong turns, back tracking, and a phone call, we got back on the right path. Realizing we are going to be late for the appointment, I started wondering why my roommate’s car was getting repaired in a neighborhood anyway. I still have no idea to this day. I guess the guy literally worked out of his garage. Eventually we found his house. I pulled the car to a stop in front of his driveway. When I did my roommate threw her hand over her mouth and gasped! “What?” I asked. As she begins to squeal and laugh, she blurted out, “I forgot my car!”

At that moment, I could have fallen out of the car laughing. We had just forgotten her car, the car that needed to be repaired. After we composed ourselves, my roommate had to call the repair man and tell him she had forgotten her car. I would have loved to have seen the look on his face, when heard that. He could have looked out of his window and seen two bobble head blondes laughing hysterically in his driveway. We eventually did get her car repaired and the guy didn’t make a big deal about it. All I can say after that is, I love blondes. I really do think they have more fun!

I would love to hear about your blonde moments. But what I really want to know is if anyone can top this.


2 thoughts on “Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

  1. If I was a blonde then maybe I’d have a moment to share. But I will say that brunettes have moments as well. Like the time I told my mom: “Mom, my car really needs to be washed” when what I meant to say was “My lawn needs to be mowed.” I still get a kick out of that one. haha.

  2. baaaa ha ha ha ….i love these stories! priceless! I love when one day you were lying on the couch…your face sad and sulky with your light brown hair around your face…and i said, “ashley! what is the matter?” and you answered dramatically….”Dani…I think …..blondes really do have more fun” so you fell back on the couch…and then you proceeded to go back blonde that next week. 😛

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