Unforeseen Turtle Attack

Today we reached a milestone in the Baker household. It isn’t a milestone you’ll find in the baby books, but it was so cute I had to document it.  Elias played with bath toys for the first time!

These bath toys may look innocent, but they have little holes in their mouths that squirt out water. Don’t let them fool you.

Elias’s favorite toy was the little crab. I don’t know why he didn’t like the little turtle. I think he is cute with those big eyes and little pink cheeks. Maybe he didn’t like him because he became the victim of an unforeseen turtle attack. That turtle was naughty;  he would suck his whole body full of water and then spray water all over Elias’ belly. As Elias would recline,  a little foot would break through the water and of course that turtle found Elias’ toes very ticklish. Although Elias laughed at the turtle, he still liked the crab better.

Elias had so much fun playing in the water that his little toes became all wrinkly!

3 thoughts on “Unforeseen Turtle Attack

  1. ahhhhh! those pictures are tooooo cute!!! I want to snuggle him! And you tell that turtle to be nice or Auntie is going to take him out!!

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