Vacation At Home

Mark and I recently decided that we needed some rest. We needed a vacation! Unfortunately we had not scheduled one, and we couldn’t just pick up and go to Cancun or somewhere with nice white beaches and turquoise water, so we decided we would become travelers in our own city. We would pause long enough to see things we normally walk right by. We would enjoy the nature around us. For three days we were going to take a vacation at home.

One of the highlights of our vacation, was taking a breakfast picnic at the Cove. After a nice walk, we paused to read from our new book “Alice in Wonderland.”  We sat by the lake and enjoyed breakfast, a story, and beautiful scenery.

Elias loved being outside, and enjoyed watching Mark read the book. Mark is already teaching him to love books!

After breakfast, Elias’ new favorite toy was Mark’s pop-tart wrapper. He crinkled it for nearly 20 minutes.

After three days off, Mark and I feel so rested.  We enjoyed spending time together, reading, watching movies, taking walks, and just talking. It was such a success we might try to do it again next year.

5 thoughts on “Vacation At Home

  1. bahhh!!! Ash! I love the pictures! you are teaching that little boy how to read and enjoy life. I am so glad that you were able to have a vacation! (hehe even though I kept calling and interrupting! sorry!) 😛 I love you and your little family too!! (p.s. Joey liked the pictures too!)

  2. another p.s. joey said you should be our wedding photographer! too bad you are the maitron of honor! you have a real eye Ash….your writing and photography is….TOTALLY WICKED!

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