Butteryfly Interests

Is it just me, or does anyone else struggle with the question, “What are your interests?” It is not a matter of not knowing what I am interested in. It is a matter of knowing that you are not interested in what I am interested in.

For example:

If I put: I am interested in blogging. I suspect that someone would want to shout “duh! You are blogging right now. I can’t believe you just wasted my time by telling me something so obvious.”

If I put: collecting stamps, running errands, chasing butterflies, or waxing cars, I suspect someone might think I was weird.

If I put: organizing dumpsters, changing diapers, or reciting prepositions from memory, I suspect someone might think I was lying.

If I put: counting as high as I can, picking starry wildflowers, spelling bees, or jumping on a pogo stick, I suspect someone might think I need to get a life. 

If I put: collecting seashells, driving racecars, or figuring out new palindromes (ex: kayak …racecar), I suspect someone would get bored.

Needless to say this is why all of my interest pages stay blank. What are your interests?

P.S. was-it-a-bar-or-a-bat-i-saw is the best palindrome I could come up with. Really…read it backwards : )


6 thoughts on “Butteryfly Interests

  1. I guess it’s not really a palindrome, because it spells a different word backwards, but I really like “stressed” and “desserts”. 😀

    And to answer your question, I’m a sewer/knitter/crocheter/artist/musician. 😉

  2. Some of my favorite palindromes:

    – Senile felines.

    – No, it is open on one position.

    – Sh! Tom sees moths.

    – Evade me, Dave.

    And had to throw this one in…

    – So may Obadiah, even in Nineveh, aid a boy, Amos.

    And Nicole, you can totally used stressed and desserts in a palindrome:

    – Stressed was I ere I saw desserts. 🙂

    And I have a question for you Ashley…how is driving racecars boring? 😀

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