They Can See Me

I sometimes forget people can see me in my car. I feel safe behind the walls of my car and need to pay attention to the fact that I do not have tinted windows. My heart was so full of joy this afternoon after the Beth Moore Simulcast because the Lord really spoke to me, so I cranked up Travis Cottrell’s CD and was practically having my own worship service in my car.

On coming cars probably didn’t know what to make of me, and the poor convertible in front of me could probably hear me singing (if you’ve read my previous posts you know this is probably a very scary thing). I am surprised he stayed on the road! The guy behind me may have mistaken my singing and worshipful expressions as a mix between road rage and insanity.

Thankfully I was alone on the road most of the way home, but on occasion someone would pop out of nowhere and they’d get the bird’s eye view of me in full fledge worship. With my hand extended in the air as I sang, I had to laugh when people thought I was waving at them.


2 thoughts on “They Can See Me

  1. haha I have totally done this too!! One guy actually did wave at me! Jesus loves your worship wherever you are at! And you are witnessing to your little boy through all these obedient actions. Love you nanny 🙂

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