Speed Bumps

I’m surprised my tires didn’t blow! In my opinion, black rubber should have ripped apart and been dispersed all over the road. No, I didn’t run over a sharp metal object; I simply attempted to go over a speed bump at CAK.

While my wheels swept over the bright yellow speed bump, air should have burst out of my disintegrated tires until the wheels sagged like deflated balloons. I am surprised I didn’t scrape everything underneath my car, and drop a tranny right then and there.

The bump was so big that even at 5mph. my car served as a teeter totter. Elias was hovering with the back seat, until my weight drove the front of the car into the ground. Thankfully we made it over the giant bump; we didn’t get stuck on it, and my car didn’t fall apart because of it! All I can say is I am glad I wasn’t on a motorcycle when I took that bump.


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