The Secret Life Of A Repair Man

Once upon a time, early in the morning, a repair man happened to come by to fix my broken microwave. He got to work right away, but soon turned to me with a puzzling look. “May I use your restroom?” he asked. I simply pointed and off he went.

After a split second, I grabbed my baby and ran out of the living room. I cannot tell you what I heard or smelled for I might die of embarrassment. All I can say is I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t having a nightmare.

To make a long story short, the fan is still on in the bathroom and the door remains closed! I wonder if I need to call a plumber.

I am sorry I had to write about this; I was just so traumatized by the whole event!

5 thoughts on “The Secret Life Of A Repair Man

  1. Don’t invite another repairman (plumber) They can traumatize you with those deadly exposed cracks – yes I said it because all your readers were thinking it!

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