Taken Away

Just two years ago on October 2, I lost my first baby. I can finally write about it without tears stinging my eyes. Today I do not write with a heavy heart; I write with a healed heart.

Though the weeks and days that I was allowed to carry that baby were cut short; that little one served a purpose. That little life was not in vain. My baby taught me how the Lord works.

                                    He heals. He delivers. He comforts

I am so thankful the Lord did not leave my arms empty! I now enjoy holding my second sweet baby, Elias. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. My arms are no longer empty.

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21 ESV)

6 thoughts on “Taken Away

  1. Ashley,
    Thank you so much for sharing… I’ve probably read your post about 10 times. Your mom told me about your miscarriage. What you said here gives me so much hope after Kyle and I lost our little one at 10 weeks. Have fun with your little miracle Elias! God is so good.

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