What Happened At Midnight

Just last night I found myself in Ingles at 10p.m. As I passed the registers, I noticed the place looked deserted. The fluorescent lights were extremely bright, and I could actually hear the elevator sounding music as I walked toward the snack aisle. Grabbing some honey roasted peanuts for Mark, I turned toward the drink aisle. On my way I happened upon a shopping cart. Placing my peanuts where a baby should sit, I took the cart.

After a split second of hesitation, I looked around me. Seeing no one, I got a running start and leapt onto the cart. One leg stretched behind me as I began to sail past Dr. Pepper, orange Fanta, and other sodas. I was undoubtedly snickering as I glided across the polished floor.

For once I had found a cart with four wheels that worked. Not one of them was flittering and flopping around, upsetting the whole cart. Instead the wheels slid over the shiny floors without any hesitation. Pumping one leg on the floor, I rode the cart past many neatly organized aisles grabbing the few items I had come for.

Soon I found myself at the register guiltily smiling. Breaking up the huddle of five employees who were on duty, I self-consciously placed Starbucks frappucinos, honey roasted peanuts, and sparkling cider on the conveyor belt. The teenager wearing a light green apron probably wondered why I needed all of this random stuff at nearly midnight. And I will tell you, I do not know.

2 thoughts on “What Happened At Midnight

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