Baby Baker

Speaking of cookies, one time, Elias decided he wanted to bake some. He just so happened to have a complete baker’s outfit from his first baby shower. So he put it on and leapt into action.

Easily distracted and very hungry, Elias decided he couldn’t wait for cookies so he started to eat his pan.

You may think baking is easy, but it is quite a challenge when you don’t know how to make anything. Elias thought he needed a pan.

He soon realized he needed cookie cutters and found a “baby” cookie monster to help him.

To make a long story short Elias couldn’t find any of the ingredients and didn’t bake one single cookie. He’ll have to settle with the name Baker for now.

Thank you Lauren Perkins for the outfit!


3 thoughts on “Baby Baker

  1. ahh!! I LOVE these pictures!!! I love my little baby baker! what a mr. cutie! And dad posed a good question—how much cake can a Baker bake if Baker bakes a batch in blue hat? Let me know if you find the answer ha ha:P

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