Chocolate, Choking Hazards, and Chinese Take Out

Have I ever told you about the time I choked on an ice-cube? You may not believe me when I tell you that ice cubes are dangerous, but I assure you, they are.

After racing into West Town Mall to get out of the freezing cold weather, I crossed my arms in an attempt to get warm. Goose bumps ran up my arms while my thin t-shirt hardly held in any heat. My arms hung like ice cycles by the time I decided I desperately needed a jacket. I wanted one so badly that I almost decided to “borrow” one of the coats on display. They looked so warm and inviting.

When I was practically sliding my arm into a big marshmallow looking coat, my mom assured me we would not be long and to leave it on the rack. Shivering, I obediently followed her passed a few rows of denim to find some new jeans. That is when my blood sugar level began to drop. Not only was I freezing to death, but now my stomach painfully growled.

Soon my head sagged between my shoulders as I began to feel weak. I was sarcastically thinking “shopping has never been more fun than this.” My feet dragged across the floor as my stomach greedily craved food. Feeling thin and pale, I wanted to shout “I’m starving!” When I nearly crawled under a rack of clothes to take a quick nap, I finally convinced my mom to take me to the food court.

When a heaping plate of Chinese food was set before me, I couldn’t have been happier. I was nearly licking my plate by the time my mom handed me a giant cup of hot chocolate to aid my frozen state. As I scarfed down some spicy orange chicken, water began to leak from my eyes. The chicken was extra spicy that day, and it began to burn my mouth. It soon felt like it was engulfed in flame. I needed water now!

Right as my bloodshot eyes looked for water, I found my mom guiltily smiling. “Sorry… I was thirsty” was all she said as she placed an empty glass back on the table. My face began to sweat as I desperately searched for relief. Finally my mom offered me an ice-cube from her cup.

I grabbed the ice and launched it into my mouth. Apparently I was a little too eager to get it because the ice-cube raced to the back of my throat. My eyes widened as the ice-cube got stuck and began to block my airway.

In desperation, I began to tug at my throat. Dramatically I pointed to my throat as if that would help the ice come out. I wanted to shout “Ahhh…. I’m choking!” But I couldn’t make a sound.

By then I was horribly choking. And when I say choking I mean loudly gagging and dramatically falling to the floor kind of choking. As I began to panic, I leapt out of my chair and fell on the floor and began to rock on my knees. I looked like a fish flopping on the floor. The poor people in the food court probably thought I was having a seizure.

As I continued to gag, I began to make “choking” noises that no one should ever hear… especially while eating. After about 3 seconds of this, I nearly gave myself up as dead. Then it hit me. “I’m choking on ice… ice melts.”

A goofy grin spread across my face as I anxiously pulled myself up to the table and grabbed my hot chocolate. With great gulps, I drank nearly half of my hot drink.

As boiling hot chocolate filtered around the lodged ice-cube, my eyes squirted tears. I was not only crying because I could finally breathe, but because the hot chocolate singed the back of my throat. It burned the whole way down! But it is a good thing I had that hot chocolate or I might have died right then and there.

Needless to say I didn’t take too many more trips back to the mall after freezing, starving, choking, and burning half to death. One trip was all I needed.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate, Choking Hazards, and Chinese Take Out

  1. Ashley, this story made me laugh so hard. I will never forget that lovely shopping trip. LIFE WOULD BE SO BORING WITHOUT YOU!!!

  2. hahahahahah i totally remember this day! I am in the library and just laughed out loud like 4 times!! talk about embarrassing! Ashley, you express yourself soo well and give SUCH vivid pictures! ba hahaha I seriously could fall on the floor with how hard i’m laughing!

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