Baby Angels

Today I baked cookies! I know it is shocking. This is such a rare occasion in my house I thought I would share the  easy recipe I used.


  • Your favorite cake mix
  • 1/3 cup oil
  • 2 eggs
  • frosting (optional on finished cookie)

My favorite kind of cake is Funfetti so that is what I used today.


  • pre-heat oven at 375 degrees
  • mix all ingredients
  • spoon onto  cookie sheet
  • bake for 10-13 minutes

These cake cookies have been renamed in our family. We call them “baby angels” because when Mark tasted one he said it was so good it was like eating a baby angel. I don’t know where he got that from, but hey it works.

Please try this recipe with your family and let me know how it goes. Believe me baby angels are delicious!

Thank you Nicole Schroeder for sharing your recipe with me.


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