Elias’ First Tooth

Elias is officially teething! I know this because his first tooth is about one-fourth of the way in. What is sad is I didn’t even know he was teething until I actually saw his tooth. He was acting so normal.

I’ve heard lists like babies will drool excessively (some to the point of a facial rash).Their gums will swell and be extremely sensitive. The baby may be irritable or fussy. They may start to refuse food or have trouble sleeping. Or my favorite, they may start having a biting behavior.

Elias on the other hand went about his normal life and one day up pops a tooth. The only symptom that he has had (which isn’t even a real symptom) is he has wanted to be held more than usual. All the while he is tugging at his ears.

Maybe if I read the symptoms backwards I would have known he was teething:

Give me more food  + Let me sleep + Hold me = Teething


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