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I love reading new blogs! Maybe you do too, so I  thought I would share some fun posts I’ve read lately.

Recently my pastor Nathan Tarr and his wife Devon adopted their Ethiopian daughter Brielle. Nathan’s post really shows the spirit of adoption.  He  beautifully compares Brielle’s adoption to how God the Father has adopted us. During the  adoption process Nathan and Devon had to take two trips to Ethiopia to finalize the adoption. Nathan compares this to Jesus’ two comings. Through showing the Father’s heart, Nathan accentuates the glory of what Christ has done for us through the cross. This post is a “must read”!

Another blog post my friend Nicole Schroeder wrote made me laugh so I thought I’d share it. It is about southern verbage. I remember when I was fifteen my parents told me we were moving to Tennessee. After I quit panicking and figured out where Tennessee actually was, I ended up enjoying meeting new people just because of the way they talked.

Coming from Arizona, I had only heard a southern accent one time in my whole life. I had to learn that when my high school friend said “wait on me” she really meant “wait for me.” This was a great relief to me, I thought she wanted me to “serve” her a coke or something. But if I would have asked her about a “coke” I would have been confused when she said sure I’ll take a Dr. Pepper. I had to learn that “coke” can be any kind of soda: Sprite, Root Beer, or even Mountain Dew. Nicole does a great job defining many of the terms that may confuse us west coasters! I wish I would have had read her post when I first moved!

The last post I wanted to share is about a bed time story that you should never read to your children. Many times I scan Elias’ bookshelf to find something to read, but I assure you the book that Todd VanDyke takes time to describe will never make it on his shelf. Through adding humorous commentary to a child’s bedtime story Todd’s post becomes delightfully comical.


One thought on “The Blog World

  1. Oh my gosh! That bedtime story was just sooo wrong! I was reading a Curious George book to Weston tonight and there is a line in it that I skipped and am considering just marking out with a permanent black marker. I don’t have it in front of me at the moment, but it very closely says that “George was so ashamed and upset that he just wanted to die.” !!!!!!! Seriously! I’m not going to say that to Weston or any other kid! What were the author and the publishers thinking when they wrote/read that in there?! That particular book is called Curious George Gets a Medal. The rest of the book is great, but that one line is just despicable. I can’t believe they left that in a children’s book.

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