Why My Baby Can’t Speak English

One of the funnest things I’ve learned as a mom is baby talk. I had no idea that when I became a mom, I would start to sound like a sheep. When I started saying, “Ba-by wan-na ba-ba?” I had to laugh. All I really wanted to know is if the baby wanted his bottle.

I confess nothing  makes me reach my falsetto like a baby’s chubby cheeks or a toothless grin. Before I know it, I start shortening words to help simplify English for my little learner. Instead of being the teacher, I start babbling the same noises my 9 month old son is already making. Instead of being a coherent mother, I look like a deranged monkey at the zoo. I use nonverbal utterances, and slur words, while I joyfully slaughter the English language. Before I know it I am making up a whole new vocabulary. Let me just say: I may be the reason my baby can’t speak English. Because I speak in “motherese,” he may only learn baby talk.  

Baby Talk 101:

  • Da-da: Father
  • Ma-ma:  Mother
  • Ni-Nigh: Good night
  • Belly/ Bellers: Stomach 
  • Gonna.get.chu: I’m going to get you
  • Binky: stuffed animal, a pacifier, (a.k.a. something used to comfort small children)
  • Ba-ba: Bottle of warm milk
  • Goo goo gaa gaa: I still don’t know what this means
  • Doggie: a furry pet
  • Juice: Mother I want some Juice please!
  • Bye Bye: Good bye
  • Owie: accidentally hurting yourself
  • Potty: toilet
  • Passi: pacifier
  • Niber Nights: good night
  • Sissy: sister
  • Nummy: This is very delicious
  • Boo-boo: an injury
  • Dipee: Diaper  
  • Piggies: toes  (Ex: This little piggy went to market)

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