Deck The Halls

At the Baker household, we love to decorate for Christmas! We have to force ourselves to wait until after Thanksgiving and then it is time to deck the halls! One of our favorite traditions is the count down to Christmas. Our advent house is filled with different candy and Scripture for us to meditate on as we remember why we celebrate Christmas -Jesus’ birth.


My favorite part of decorating is putting the finishing touches on the tree. Mark and I got this tree around the time we got married. It is rather small, but we love it.

Another fun tradition is that we try to get one ornament every Christmas that sums up the whole year. Our first ornament looked like our wedding cake.

We not only have that tree, but someone recently gave us another one as well. This tree sits in the bay window and is fun because people can see it when they drive by.

Elias enjoyed helping with the tree (a.k.a. playing with the ornaments, or trying to touch the branches.) I’m just glad he did try to pull himself up using the tree. Getting squashed by a Christmas tree would kind of put a damper on your first Christmas.

He watched as we hung our stockings on the fire-place.


Elias tried to climb the stairs while we were decorating.

The whole time we had a cute little helper!


6 thoughts on “Deck The Halls

  1. I LOVE YOU and your cute littler helper too! haha and yes, elias getting squashed by a Christmas tree might put a damper on our Christmas! lol I can’t believe what a big boy he is becoming–trying to crawl up the stairs! and standing without holding on to anything! soo fun! I’m excited that he gets to celebrate his first Christmas! yay! 😛

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