Sledding On Ice…In A Car

The bad news is we drove into a ditch. The good news is we didn’t stay there. As you know there are many things that you can do while driving into a snowy ditch. If you are like me you can panic. Or you can always scream. That is a close second to panicking. But maybe you are more like Mark and can stay calm, cool, and collected while sledding across ice in your car.

I’m glad I wasn’t driving, because I probably would have been doing donuts on ice before I left my parent’s driveway. At least I have the excuse that I grew up in the desert of Arizona. But you are probably wondering how we got out of the ditch. I’ll tell you.

I don’t know how we got out. We drove into it, Mark turned the wheel, and we popped out. He didn’t even press the gas. Just as fast as we went into the ditch, we drove out. No- seriously it was pretty awesome.


3 thoughts on “Sledding On Ice…In A Car

  1. hahahaha i would have totally been doing donuts if I were driving too!!! good thing we married calm, sensible men….or we would both be off in a ditch somewhere!!!!

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