Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Joey Bruno! On December 17, 2010 my little sister, Dani Park married the man of her dreams, Joey Bruno. In an emotional ceremony the couple said “I do” and committed to spend their lives together.

Dani walked down the aisle to the Lifehouse song  You’re All I Want. During the ceremony, Joey and Dani took communion together, lit a unity candle, and had significant couples pray over them.  

One nice thing about being Dani’s maid of honor was that I got a bird’s-eye view of the ceremony. The down side to this was that everyone could see me when I nearly broke into the ugly cry. Don’t worry, I held it together.

See Dani’s bouquet I am holding. Beautiful? Yes! Heavy? double Yes! I was trying to not let my weak arms start shaking right there. I had no idea flowers could be so heavy. I think this is a serious wake up call to start working out.  

After the ceremony, we had the reception which was in the same room. They were so cute when they cut their cake. And though it looks like Dani is about to smash the cake  in Joey’s face she was actually very sweet.

The wedding was held at Two River’s Church. Dani’s color was royal blue and it made the sanctuary looked like a winter wonderland.

Dani looked beautiful!

Mom and I  were so happy!

Here are a few of the bridesmaids. Dani had her sister (me),  four sister-in-laws, and two college friends as her bridesmaids.

These are Dani’s favors!  Notice that the bar code is their wedding date. I thought this was such a cute idea.

Congrats Dani and Joey!!! I love you guys!


3 thoughts on “Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  1. You were a beautiful matron of honor. Your speech was funny, sensitive, powerful and it blessed ALL who heard it. I am so proud of you Ashley. Thank you for being such an amazing sister and daughter. I love you! And just think you did it with no marshmallows in your mouth! baa haa

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