2010 Year In Review



  • 4th– Mark and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in the Smokey’s. Mark surprised me with a trip to a cabin. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. I had always wanted to go to a cabin! I was 8 months pregnant when we went.

  • I joined a Beth Moore Bible study with Two River’s Church. I loved the study, it was Breaking Free. Once Elias was born he came with me.
  • We organized our new house and finished decorating Elias’ nursery.
  • We greatly anticipated Elias’ arrival by taking absolutely no birth classes. We were not prepared for labor and delivery, but we were all fine. No one panicked or passed out. I only had high blood pressure because I was nervous.


  • Mark started three new classes with Southern Seminary. He took Preaching Practicum, Missiology, and Old Testament Theology.
  • 6th- Elias Mark Baker entered the world at 2:28p.m. weighing 7lbs. 11oz. He was 20 inches long.  I went into labor at 2:30 a.m. after only sleeping 2 hours. We had been up playing Dutch Blitz with our neighbors until midnight. Apparently that game is too fast paced because it sent me into labor. We didn’t go to the hospital until around 6a.m. At Saint Mary’s hospital, after a wonderful epidural, we were blessed to meet our first baby boy.  

  • 14th– Mark brought me Olive Garden and set up a romantic dinner for two. Elias slept in the living room while we enjoyed our dinner. It was a very happy Valentines Day. 
  • 26th– I celebrated my 23rd birthday with some kind of terrible cold. Mark as usual made the day very special by giving me gifts, talking me shopping, and getting me coffee.  
  • We had our first Max home meeting two weeks after Elias was born, which was a success and paid our internet bill for months.


  • I put Elias on the  Baby Wise schedule. He started eating and sleeping so much better. I don’t like to fight over whether or not people should use Baby Wise because each parent knows what is best for their child, but I would highly recommend this book to new moms because it worked for me. To learn more click here.  

  • My Breaking Free Bible study ended.


  • Mark preached for Palm Sunday at FCF (our local church).
  • We had a family reunion in New Orleans with my mom’s extended family. Elias was 2 months old, and we took a 12 hour car trip. He slept almost the whole way. The last hour of the trip he wasn’t very happy, but I am glad we went.   
  • Elias got his 2 month old shots. This was very traumatic! 


  • I attended a neighborhood Bible study. I loved meeting so many believers in my neighborhood.
  • Elias and I took a lot of walks.


  • Mark took a personal evangelism class with Southern Seminary.
  • Mark and I took a day trip to Chattanooga. We spent the afternoon in Coolidge Park enjoying coffee and ice-cream.
  • Mark preached at FCF.
  • Nathan Tarr preached through the book of Jonah which was my all time favorite sermon series, besides Ruth last year. If you want to listen to the sermons click here.


  • Mark preached at FCF while our Pastor and his wife traveled to get their adopted daughter Brielle.
  • Mark took a family ministry class at Southern Seminary.
  • Elias ate his first jar of baby food: peas.
  • We drove to Atlanta with the Tarrs. They were going to pick up Brielle and bring her home.
  • I started this blog.


  • Dani and Joey got engaged
  • 22nd- We celebrated Mark’s 25th year of life. I kept telling him he was old.
  • Mark preached at FCF.
  • Mark took a theology of the reformers class with Southern Seminary.
  • Elias and I traveled to Arizona with my mom to visit my grandparents. We stayed for four days and had the best time. Elias saw his first rooster at their house.
  • Mark, Elias, and I took a vacation at home.


  • Mark spoke for CAK’s spiritual emphasis week. He did 3 or 4 different chapel talks.
  • Mark took a Greek syntax and hermeneutics class with Southern Seminary.
  • We attended the 2nd annual FCF campout.
  • I attended a Priscilla Shirer Jonah Bible Study with Two Rivers Church.
  • Beth Moore simulcast at Two Rivers Church.
  • A repair man came to my house. No words can describe what he did at my house.  


  • We had owned our house for 1 year.
  • I had a short devotional published with Southern Seminary.
  • 2nd annual Spook Party- Everyone dressed up in crazy costumes and we went to Sonic. Elias was a baby bear.
  • My best friend Becky married Jake and is now Mrs. Hatfield.  I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids. We drove to Boone, North Carolina for their special day.  


  • Elias got his first hair cut.
  • 25th- Elias celebrated his first Thanksgiving with both the Park family and Baker family .
  • Elias began to wave, and stand up in his bed


  • I attended Shepherding a child’s heart conference at Cornerstone.
  • Mark went to the ETS conference in Atlanta with our pastor Nathan Tarr.
  • My college friend Ally got married to Jeremy. We traveled to Dayton, Tennessee for their special day.
  • Andrea, Kay Crouch and I gave Dani a bridal shower.
  • At 3a.m. I was out shopping with all of the Black Friday crowds. Lauren Perkins, Mom, and Dani were brave enough to come with me.
  • I worked with three kids as their tutor.
  • My Jonah Bible Study ended. I was sad that it was over.


  • I continued to work as a tutor until Christmas break.  
  • Elias stood independently, and drank his sippy cup by himself.
  • My car died and still hasn’t recovered. I am currently car-less.
  • 17th- My little sister Dani married Joey Bruno. I got to be her maid of honor. That was a very happy day.
  • 25th- Elias got to celebrate Jesus’ birth for the first time. We had a white Christmas!


2 thoughts on “2010 Year In Review

  1. LOVE IT! I love how u made links to everything too—that is awesome…haha and i also love Piege’s transformation! His little Russel eyes in March to his little santa suit in December! SO SWEET! I love u and ur little family too!

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