Monday Musings

This was accidentally deleted. Thus I am posting it again ūüôā

January 1

After ringing in the new year with church friends, Elias and I spent the day at home while Mark worked a double shift at Olive Garden.

After a long day of playing with new Christmas toys, Elias got his first big boy bath.

Elias loved splashing water, and dunking his duck. He loved the water so much he was practically swimming by the end. 

¬†After Elias’ bath, I used his new toothbrush. It is appropriately named because he only has one tooth.¬†

Elias didn’t mind me brushing his tooth, but he was definitely more excited about the box that his toothpaste had been in.¬†

Nice and clean, Elias was ready for bed.

January 2:

We were all excited for the first sunday of the new year, because we got to go back to church. This week Mark taught children’s sunday school, while I took care¬†of babies in nursery.

Things I learned this week in nursery: 1) When in doubt¬†give the¬†kids¬†goldfish. 2)Never allow¬† a two-year old to be in charge of a wagon. 3) Never bring your breakfast to nursery. I should have know better, but I brought I giant blueberry muffin with me. Within about five minutes that poor blueberry muffin had had¬†about ten slobbery fingers poked in it. I couldn’t help but laugh all morning. I loved working with the babies.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Your little guy is sooooooo cute!!! Some day I would love to come meet you and your family… I feel like I know you thru your mom haha. You have an amazing mom!!!

    • Thank you Katie! I must agree, Mom is pretty awesome. haha. And what is funny is I feel like I know you through her too…lol If you are ever in town, let’s definitely meet : ) Thanks for reading the blog!

  2. awww he is such a big boy! getting a big boy bath!! haha i love where you are brushing his tooth with a toothbrush (quite literally :P) hee hee I love u and your little squisher-doodle too ūüôā

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