Already Behind On Your New Year’s Resolution?

I haven’t worked out once this whole year! I haven’t lifted one weight. I haven’t jogged a mile, or even thought about getting a gym membership.

Good thing I didn’t add working out as one of my New Year’s Resolutions or I would be really behind. However, there was one more resolution I should have added. If I had been smarter, I would have agreed to go for one year without dyeing my hair at home. Really, can someone tell me why I color my hair?

I have tried every possible way under the sun to turn this head into a beautiful bleach blonde, and usually I come out looking like I ran into a cheetah because the dye job didn’t work right. Why do I have leopard spots!?

You would think I would learn, but for some reason every six to nine weeks I have amnesia about dyeing my hair myself. I just know that this time my hair will turn out just like the cover of the box said it will. I will magically be transformed into a “natural” blonde and all of my wildest dreams will come true.

I know that my hair will supernaturally be conditioned and not fried by the harsh chemicals like it was last time. No, my hair will be amazing. It will be perfect, and I will have beautiful golden locks like I did when I was two years old.

Sadly, most times, if not every time, I end up annoyed at myself because of my delusional thinking. Most of the time it looks like someone spilled a box of bleach on my head. Or I have a giant brown steak that is in a very unfortunate place.

I often ask myself, why did I do that again? I feel bad, and yet I keep doing it. I know I probably need counseling!

But really can you blame me when I have fresh three-inch roots every two days? I need a better solution. I am sick of looking like the ends of my hair were set on fire and had to be put out. Hey, maybe that is why each box comes with an extra pouch of conditioner.

9 thoughts on “Already Behind On Your New Year’s Resolution?

  1. You do realize the definition if insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, right? 😉
    But I don’t think you look like a leopard or a cheetah, for that matter. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. This is a complete revelation to me. I had no idea that anyone as beautiful as you ever had bad hair days. Is there something wrong with having nice, shiny brown hair?

  3. haha i just love that i get to be there for this insanity every 6-9 weeks!! lol (my favorite time was when mom accidently gave you downy instead of leave-in conditioner! hahahaha)

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