House of Cards

I have a confession. This  is a little embarrassing , but sometimes I act like a big kid. For instance the other day Mark and I were supposed to be working with Elias. I have these awesome flash cards that are made for babies.  They have pictures and words on them and are supposed to help build a baby’s vocabulary. I pulled them out, and we plugged away for a magical three seconds where I am sure Elias learned how to say “ball”,”bird”, and “banana.”  Unfortunately Elias and I both lost interest really fast.

After my crawling baby departed to find a more exciting toy, Mark and I started building an epic house of cards. Poor Elias had to play by himself, while his parents acted like big kids and played with his flash cards!

Here is our house of cards!

I couldn’t wait to karate chop it in half! It was so fun.

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