Stuck-Behind-A-School-Bus Rage

When I see a bright yellow bus coming, I don’t care how great a risk that left turn is, I am getting ahead of that bus. The same thing goes for mail delivery trucks. If one is coming my way, I seem to lose all sense of judgment and practically swerve in front of it. I mean what could be worse than being stopped at every mailbox for 3 miles or at every bus stop in the county?

All of that to say, I got stuck behind a school bus again. As a small blinking stop sign emerged on the right side of the bus directing me to halt, children filed out with backpacks that visibly weighed them down. I watched as scores of feet dragged along the pavement as the school kids began to make their short trek home.

I saw one mom walking to greet her child with a younger sibling trotting behind her obviously excited about the midday walk. I could see the smile that zipped across her daughter’s face as she met her family on the road.

This became the familiar scene every 30 yards at the next four bus stops. Before I could break into a mild stuck-behind-a-bus rage, I noticed something that might be the biggest oversight in all of America.

A little boy in the back of the bus rose from his seat and stood mischievously in the middle aisle. He firmly planted his hands on the seats and became a pendulum swinging back and forth. I could almost hear him giggling.  Quickly he lost interest in swinging between the chairs he began tumbling in the aisle. Seriously, I don’t know if he was doing summer-salts or cart-wheels, but there were arms and legs all over the place.

He wasn’t the only child acting like a caged monkey in the zoo. Another boy had half of his body hanging out of an open window while he frantically waved at the trail of cars that piled up behind the bus.

My eyes grew large as I wondered. Where are these children’s seat belts? Is this an oversight or am I just stupid?  I will admit however, that I was entertained behind that bus.

P.S. I am not condoning having fits of rage if you get stuck behind a bus.


3 thoughts on “Stuck-Behind-A-School-Bus Rage

  1. hahahah i would totally break into a WILD FIT OF RAGE if i was stuck behind one 😛 lol and I totally think that no seatbelts is such an oversight! I mean, can you imagine your little piegey doing hand springs down the bus aisle!! We should totally do something!

  2. Ashley I love this post! Riding the bus home was the best part of my day when I was in school. I was totally that kid that you described. I can’t even tell you how many times I got in trouble on the bus and had to sit behind the bus driver. I love it!

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