Happy Birthday Elias

Elias Mark Baker was born on February 06, 2010 weighing 7lbs. 110z. at 2:28p.m. This is his first year!

Newborn: February

1 month: March

2 months: April

3 months: May

4 months: June

5 months: July

6 months: August

7 months: September

8 months: October

9 months: November

10 months: December

11 months: January

12 months: February

Happy First Birthday Elias! Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elias

  1. Thank you so much for documenting this! I wonder what we would have thought if we could have seen this blog the day he was born. Amazing! We love you baby boy! Happy birthday!

  2. ahhhh! Ashley! I am so glad that you posted all of these precious pictures!!! I love my little boo boo 🙂 Your 1st birthday party for him was awesome! I loved being there!

  3. It has truly been a sweet year. Thank you Jesus for our precious Elias. May he grow to know and love You very early and continue to walk with You all the days of his life! Mark and Ashley you guys are amazing parents. Enjoy every step of the way with him!!!

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