I am blonde! And sometimes this woman is “blonder -than -she -pays -to -be” to put it like Beth Moore. I should be used to this by now but sometime my “blonde” moments even amaze me.

When I was little I was a natural blonde, so of course I had my first memorable “blonde” moment when I was four.

I was walking through a garden with my Granny (my mom’s mom), and after we had spent some time out there I wanted to start a conversation with her.

Having my “first blonde moment,” I asked, “Granny, have you ever had any kids of your own?” Boy did I have a lot to learn.

Yes, I had a lot to learn but truth be told I’m glad I was born blonde, because then when crazy thoughts pop into my mind I have an excuse “I’m blonde.”

When I’m up late at night worrying about bus drivers, I don’t have to panic because I’m blonde. But I still would like to know who opens the bus doors for the drivers? Everybody knows you open the bus door from the inside. Do the drivers have to sleep in the bus?

When I’m remembering high school, I don’t have to worry about how I nearly failed science because -I’m blonde. Besides all I wanted to know was “If the moon is just a reflection of the sun, how can people walk on it?

4 thoughts on “Blonder-Than-She-Pays-To-Be

  1. Literally laughing out loud. I get so excited every time I see you have a new post up, and today’s excitement was intensified because of the title…love that you quoted Beth 🙂

  2. hahahahaha love this blog! So funny—remember when one of dad’s friend’s daughter asked…”you know how people have walked on the moon…..has anyone like ever walked on the earth?” hahaha you can totally picture that–like trying to walk around on the blue part of the earth…so funny!!! I love u my blonde sister!

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