Fun Stuff Fridays

1. I love being a mom. Nothing makes me laugh like this little man.

2. I love dates with my husband. We usually sneak out once a week and grab a coffee together.

3. I like reading about parenting. I am currently working through Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp and What the Bible Says about Child Training by J. Richard Fugate.

4. I love Matt Maher’s new song Christ is Risen.

5.  I love  the jewelry stand. I seriously need to organize my necklaces.


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6 thoughts on “Fun Stuff Fridays

  1. I love that Matt Maher song too! Whenever I hear it on the radio, I have a little worship party in my car. I think everyone next to me must think I’m having a seizure or something 😀 I love the Jewelry stand too. I’ve seen some really cute, cheap ones at T.J. Max. And of course, I love little Peej!

  2. I love coffee dates with my husband too!!! mmm..yummy! I love your friday blogs! i always look forward to what you like!!

  3. Fun Stuff Saturdays lol….five things I like:
    1. I love when I get to run into Dunkin Donuts with Ashley on my way to Bible study on Tuesday mornings…and maybe be a few minutes late.

    2. I love when I get to see Elias and say, “What does a lion do?” and he does a little baby “rawr”

    3. I love when you share what Jesus is doing in your heart and what neat truths He is teaching you.

    4. I love having serious conversations about American Idol…about who is the best, who didn’t deserve to get kicked off, or who had the cutest outfit.

    5. Finally, I JUST LOVE THAT YOU ARE MY SISTER!!!!! (i must be emotional haha cuz i almost started crying when i wrote that!) woah…:P

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