I Must Have It!

Is there something you cannot leave the house without?

1. I can’t leave without my wallet.

2. I feel naked if I leave home without my cell phone. I mean what if I broke down? What if I couldn’t text? I might die!

3. I can’t leave the house without Elias’ diaper bag. Although I usually remember to bring it, I tend to forget to restock the diaper bag. I am usually blissfully unaware that I have no diapers until Elias desperately needs a new one.


Because this has happened more times than I would like to admit, I have come up with a backup plan. I keep extra diapers and wipes in my car. This is so great for me. Instead of freaking out (…not that I would ever really freak out and run in circles or anything…) I simply enjoy a nice walk to the car to reload on diapers.

This box keeps the diapers, wipes, food, and extra outfit neatly organized in the car.



What can’t you leave the house without?






8 thoughts on “I Must Have It!

  1. I totally can’t leave home without my cell phone either. I feel lost without it. But when I leave the country and can’t use it, after a few days I get used to not using it, then it feels weird to use it again upon returning.

  2. Ashley, I love that I have people like you in my life to come up with adorable “emergency baby supply box” ideas for me to copy someday. So organized. I LOVE it! : )

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