5 Things I Love About Elias Today

  1. Elias is developing quite a sense of humor. Right now he thinks that hats are incredibly funny. I put one on the other day, and he couldn’t quit giggling. He was probably wondering why I put that piece of cloth on my head. Of course I kept taking it on and off just to watch him laugh. I love seeing him happy.
  2. I recently took Elias to the zoo, and we saw quite a few animals including a lion. When we came home he kept roaring. I now ask him, “What does a lion do?” and he will say “RAWWWR.” I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff but it is seriously so cute.
  3. Elias loves music. I put on a Praise Baby DVD this morning and he started gently swaying to the music. Soon he was fully engaged and his whole body rocked back and forth. The little guy  couldn’t help it he had to bounce to the music. We are praying he will be a little worshiper.
  4. Right now unloading and reloading is the best game ever. That is until you’re in the bathtub. Elias was trying to load handfuls of bath water into a cup but the poor guy only got a few drops in. He would grab a fistful of water and then pinch his index finger and thumb together to try to put water in the cup, but he just couldn’t get it to work. It is so fun to watch him learn.
  5. I love Elias “drunken sailor” walk. If the little man gets excited he looks straight up (… he can’t see where he is going…) and he starts laughing his head off. He cannot walk in a straight line even if you paid him to. He usually face plants by the end, but he is being so goofy he usually thinks that is funny too.

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