5 Things I Love About Mark Today

  1. Mark has a secret talent. He can sing almost any old school DC Talk song there is. I love this because somewhere along the way I started learning the songs. He has successfully taught me all of the “hard parts.” You should hear us go for it… actually be glad you haven’t – it is really scary.
  2. Mark let me sleep in this morning. He and Elias played in his office while I was peacefully snoozing. I think he should get a gold star for this act of kindness.
  3. Mark went to work today, while I stayed home with Elias. I love how hard he works. He is truly a servant to everyone he encounters.
  4. Mark invites me into his office. Earlier he gave me a tour of all of his latest books, and told me about all the new things that I should be reading. I love this about him.
  5. Mark can make Elias laugh like nobody else. I love watching him with our baby boy. They are so funny together.

3 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Mark Today

  1. “Bringin’ out my big black BOOK,
    Cause when I need a word defined, that’s where I LOOK,
    So I move to the ‘L’s quick, fast, in a hurry,
    Put on my specks, thought my vision was blurry.
    I looked again, but to my dismay,
    It was black and white with no room for gray,
    you see, a big ‘V’ stood beyond my word,
    and yo, that’s when it hit me, that LUV IS A VERB!

    I luv you.

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