Our Family Day

Mark had a little time off this week so we decided to take a family day. We traveled in our own town and stopped long enough to see the things we normally pass right by.

Here is where we went:

  1. Starbucks for my coffee frappuccino
  2. The World’s Fair Park
  3. Market Square
  4. Krutch Park
  5. Downtown K-town
  6. Mcdonalds for dinner
  7. The Golden Roast for Mark’s coffee
  8. Church

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4 thoughts on “Our Family Day

  1. what a fun day! LOVEEE those pictures. each one that scrolled by was my new favorite. two I remember loving were the one of you holding Elias in front of the sun sphere and you getting ready to change his diaper. they were so momish and so adorable! wow. all of that is a long way of saying, loved this post!

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