Happy Hour At Starbucks

Today I had a blonde moment…again! I got up to the Starbucks counter and was ready to order when all of a sudden my mind went completely blank. I stood there with Elias on my hip, and nothing would come out of my mouth except the word “Java.” I simply wanted to order a half off Frappucino, but I am so used to drinking a Venti White Mocha that I couldn’t think of what this new drink was called. The barista’s eyebrows arched with confusions as I repeatedly said “um… Java… Java..umm…Java.”

I seriously need to branch out more because that was pretty pathetic. After a minute of standing there searching for what this crazy Frappucino could be called, I contemplated throwing out a crazy order like “a skinny, tall, extra shot, no fat, mocha, with whip cream… no no no… make that a zebra mocha Frappucino, with soy milk, minus the second shot, add whip, and can you take away 300 of those calories?

I seriously was about to start shouting random coffee terms until my drink’s name magically appeared in my mind when finally my sister saw my distress and said “She’ll take a Grande Java Chip Frappucino please.” Looking irritated with me the barista replied “That will be $2.37.”

A dumb smile zipped across my face as I began to juggle various snacks, diapers, and keys in order to find my wallet. Elias, sick of waiting in line began wiggling like a wild man. Propping him up so he wouldn’t dive onto the floor, I became incredibly annoying to the barista.

Nervously laughing, I pulled out my registered Starbucks card I asked if “I could get five dollars put on it and then use it to pay for my drink.” As she began the transaction, Elias relented from his wiggling and began to flap his little arm and squeak “hi” in such a charming tone. He took it upon himself to entertain everyone in line behind us while I took nearly ten years to order. Thanks Elias! And sorry to everyone who stood behind us, I’ll try harder next time.


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