Top Secret Daydream

Determination raced through my veins as I scanned the empty hallway. Flattened against a wall, I waited for the right moment to move. I observed that the premises were heavily patrolled and could make out that the control room was at the end of the hallway. Thankfully I didn’t have to go in there. I simply needed to make it two doors down to complete my mission.

Nerves crept through me, as my black-gloved hands began to tremble. Every little noise I heard echoed with tension as my dark-soled boots met the floor with silence. I snuck down the hallway.

Scanning the door with my SBG (security breaching gizmo), my eyebrows arched under my mask when I observed that this door wasn’t laser sensitive. “This isn’t a time to get sloppy.” I ordered my relaxing nerves. I needed to remember that the premises were heavily secured, and this was an incredibly important mission.

I quickly pried the door open. Leaping into an unimpressive bedroom, I examined the room. I only had moments to bug the room and get the top-secret information back to my secret agency. Unbuttoning a small pouch fastened around my waist, I took out a small device that would gather our top secret information. As I began to implant it into a nearby wall a small green light came on. As it illuminated the dark room, I heard a deep voice in a nearby hall. My heart pounded. Breathe. Remember your training.

I looked down at my watch. It glowed an alarming number of seconds. Twenty seconds. I had only twenty seconds before a figure would appear in the doorway, and I would fail my mission.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Mark asked. Snapping out of my daydream, I looked up to see my bearded husband staring at me instead of an arch-enemy. “Oh” I stammered, “I’m just setting up this baby monitor for when our company arrives. I don’t want Elias to wake them up when he cries in the morning.” A satisfied shrug bounced across Mark’s shoulders as Elias poked his head into the room. A goofy grin brushed across his little face, revealing his four teeth that had come in. Toddling at an amazing pace, he raced across the entire room and dove into my arms. Kissing him on the forehead, Elias settled into my lap and began to rub his nose. I knew he was ready for bed, and Mark and I successfully tucked him in. Mission accomplished.


One thought on “Top Secret Daydream

  1. LOVE it! I want to see more of these appear on your blog. I am glad you got to see my face when I first read it 🙂

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