I Almost Ruined Our Vacation!

Once upon a time I almost ruined our family vacation. It all started when I packed too much stuff. As I tried to cram one more bag in the trunk, I looked like a ridiculous squirrel trying to fit one more acorn into a tree when clearly it would not fit. But I was determined to wrestle the final bag into submission. I tossed my keys aside as I began to check and see if my jigsaw puzzle packing worked. I pulled the heavy green trunk door down and to my surprise it closed nicely. A smug grin danced across my face. I had done it. Everything fit.

Then it hit me. My eyes grew wide as I realized what I did, “I just set it down. I wouldn’t have left my key in the….” Before I could finish my thought I knew I had just locked our one and only car key in the trunk.

As I stood frozen by the trunk, I pictured waiting five hours for a lock smith to come to our house. And I just knew that by the time he was able to wrestle the trunk open and retrieve my key our vacation days would be over. My head slumped between my shoulders and I walked into the house to inform Mark that our vacation was cancelled.

When I saw his cheerful face as he finished cleaning up lunch, I wanted to turn around and walk straight back into the garage. He had waited so long for this. He was so looking forward to relaxing up in the mountains after such a hard week of finals. I slipped past him and tried to put on a cheesy “everything is perfectly normal”smile.

He stopped me in my tracks. “What’s wrong?” he said not buying my million dollar grin. I tried to think of a normal reason why I needed a coat hanger, but a confession spilled out of my mouth, “I think I just did something really dumb.” A guilty grin grew three inches up each side of my face as I finished confessing what I had done with our key.

He didn’t say much. I didn’t know if that was good or bad, he simply got me a coat hanger. I went to work and tried to reassure him that I was a pro. But really the whole time I was praying “Lord, help me get this key.”

Thankfully within minutes of fishing with my hanger, the Lord answered my desperate plea. I retrieved the key and we were able to go on our vacation.

We stayed in a cabin called High Mountain Home.

We stayed two nights and had a blast making flap jacks, playing pool, rocking on the porch, reading, watching a movie, and sitting in the hot tub.

We enjoyed beautiful mountain scenery from the back porch. Elias loved being outside. He literally ran laps around the porch while Mark and I sat and rocked.

After a very relaxing day at the cabin, we took Elias to the Ripley’s Aquarium in the Smokeys. He could not stop pointing. His little finger was out all day. I think the seahorses where his favorite.

Elias and I with the jellyfish!

Mark and Elias looking at a very ugly fish.

After spending time at the aquarium, we had lunch and walked around Gatlinburg.

By the middle of the afternoon we had one very tired little baby on our hands. He fell asleep in his stroller and then slept the whole way home. We had a great vacation and I didn’t ruin it after all.

8 thoughts on “I Almost Ruined Our Vacation!

  1. On Lindsey and my first road trip to Illinois I locked our one and only key in the trunk after only 5 minutes of being there. We got some guy to come unlock it. $75 mistake. Oops. Glad you got yours out for free 🙂

  2. That is too funny! I did that same thing when Kyle & I were dating. It was the week before he proposed and I was leaving my last class on a Friday to go meet his parents for the first time. I had to put some stuff in the trunk… then right after I slammed it shut… I felt like my heart skipped a few beats ;-b and we didn’t get to his mom’s house in SC till 2am because of waiting on the locksmith… eeks! Now, I love laughing about that story… but I was sooooo embarrassed at the time!

    But, I’ve heard that area is an amazing place for a vacation! Glad you were able to work your locksmith skills & sounds like you had a great time =)

  3. hahaha joey and i loved reading about your vacation!!! so funny! i am glad you guys made it!! and had a good time! Miss you guys! love u! 😀

  4. I totally have fears of doing that myself! Thankfully I have not yet locked my key in the trunk. So glad you were able to get it out quickly and that it didn’t ruin your nice weekend. 🙂

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