An interesting thing happened when I went Dollywood last week. Elias got behind the wheel of his first car and drove. He sat on a little booster seat and took the wheel. I had to help him steer a few times so we didn’t get whiplash. I am thankful I have another fourteen or fifteen years before he really starts driving. Yikes!

Elias and I went to Dollywood (a local theme park) with three moms and seven other kids from my church. We had a great day full of rides, pizza, ice cream, and water sprinklers.

Here are some of the kids getting ready to play in the water

Devon and her sweet baby Brielle

Lauren and Stephanie with their boys!

Elias went on his first carousel ride. He was bouncing up and down on it before it even started to move. He loved it. When we got off, he tried to crawl back on it for another ride.

As a one year old, I figured Elias was big enough to go on a duck ride with his friends. He cried hysterically when I set him down. (I felt bad about that!) I think he thought I was leaving him alone with that big scary duck. But once the ride started he thought it was the greatest thing ever invented. He was laughing and smiling and didn’t want to get off.

Elias also got to go on a pig ride.

Elias loved the water. It was an exceptionally warm day so he had a blast running through the water with Bryan until he got squirted in the face.

We loved Dollywood!

2 thoughts on “Dollywood

  1. ahh! he is such a big boy!! haha i’m glad he has a few more years til he drives too! (hee hee especially if he drives like his momma did when she was a teenager :P) haha love u!

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