Why I Act Like A Parrot: My Church Business Meeting

Church business meetings are “interesting” to say the least. Having only attended two in my whole life, I am not totally familiar with how they run.

But in general it seems that a budget of some kind is passed out. Concerns about how the church could be run better are presented. Membership letters are transferred and somewhere along the way the moderator says, “All those in favor say ‘aye’”. The congregation usually says “aye” in unison. So he continues with, “All those opposed say ‘no’.”

This is the dangerous part because I tend to get on auto pilot and start acting like a parrot. Everything in me wants to say “no” in the same monotone voice he just did. I want to repeat that long drawn out “Nooo” with little inflection in my voice because I just heard it. Of course if I did this I would quickly be awakened from my trancelike state when all the faces in the congregation looked to me for an explanation.

The weird thing is I don’t actually want to vote “no.”  It is just that the word “no” wants to pop out of my mouth.  I’ve decided business meetings are a dangerous place for me because when I’m in that mindset, I’d probably repeat “Polly want a cracker.”  Totally unacceptable.


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