Pregnant Or Just Fat?

Strangers keep asking me the same question with their eyes. As they stare at my rounding belly they can’t figure out if I’m pregnant or if I just need to lay off the double stuffed Oreos for a while.

It seems like they dare not ask me if I’m pregnant, but they deem it totally acceptable to stare at my baby bump. I don’t blame them for wanting to know if I’m pregnant but they literally just stare.

It is like I can read their minds, “That girl had way too much for dinner last night….no… maybe she’s pregnant….no…I don’t know.”

When they won’t break the stare for an awkwardly long time, I self-consciously strike a pregnant woman pose to answer their question. I place both hands on the back, or I gently feel the bottom of my belly as if the baby were doing gymnastics at that very moment. As usual this little trick works and they move on. Oh for the days when I look pregnant and not just fat!


3 thoughts on “Pregnant Or Just Fat?

  1. I totally feel for you!! It is a relief when you actually start looking pregnant! But then you start getting the insensitive or just awkward comments from those strangers, so I don’t know what I would prefer! We need to start writing down the things that strangers say about our baby bumps!

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