Fun Stuff Fridays…

5 Things I Like…

1. I like to take Elias swimming. He is a little water bug. He loves the water so much that last time we were at the pool he belly-flopped into the water. There was no fear until I grabbed him and he came up mouth first gasping for air.

Elias sitting on my towel.

Elias with his best friend Ezra.

2. I love getting to see friends that live far away. We recently got to have lunch with Mark’s good friend Jon and his wife Jenny. They have a six week old baby girl named Lily who is absolutely precious. It was so fun to reconnect with them.

  Jon and Mark with their babies.

Jenny and I with the kiddos.

3. I love weddings! We recently went to one of the funnest weddings ever. Our friends Natalie and Marshall had a beautiful outdoor ceremony which truly honored the Lord. They had worship and became an amazing picture of Christ and the church. We are so happy for them.

Saying “I Do”

  Husband and Wife!

Natalie and I

4. I read The Giver by Lois Lowry in two days and loved it. It is about an idealistic society that has underlying flaws.

5.  I love thinking about baby names! I can’t wait until we pick one. Any suggestions???


3 thoughts on “Fun Stuff Fridays…

  1. I love the picture of the two best buddies! We need to go to the pool again soon. Maybe this time Ezra will like it better when he’s not growing two giant teeth out of his head. Miss you and hope to see you soon.

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