Ice-cream Disaster

My eyes were bigger than my stomach. As I began to scoop Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream into a cone I realized I had a problem. My cone was tiny. The box made it appear like it would be a giant daddy cone from Marble Slab, but this one was barely big enough for a pet mouse.

Determined to make it work I squished as much creamy ice-cream in as I could. Realizing only a small spoonful would fit; I began to construct Mt. Everest atop the cone. Large chocolate chips perched themselves on the side of my minty treat like rocks would on a mountain. I built it larger and larger until even I had to laugh at how greedy I was acting.

Sitting down with my delicacy, my cone looked like a giant golf ball perched on a tee. It was a chore just balancing it. I couldn’t wait. I licked it with vigor! And when I did it came snowballing down my shirt and straight into my lap. I guess I deserved that.



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