We Are Going To Have A…

According to the poll I put up last week, more people think I am going to have a girl. Where you right? While waiting in the doctor’s office today, I pondered family patterns and probabilities and basically decided that I couldn’t figure it out. Mark and I guessed girl last time, so we both changed our vote to boy this time. Where we right?

I’m eighteen weeks today. Here is a picture of our healthy baby!

 We are having a BOY!!! I am so excited about having another son. We practically had a name picked out by the time we were in the parking lot of the Doctor’s office. Elias will now have a little brother. PRECIOUS!!!


10 thoughts on “We Are Going To Have A…

  1. Who has been 100% right??!! ME! ME! ME! hee hee I can’t wait to meet your baby boy! I love my little nephews 🙂

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