Pregnancy Makes Me Temporarily Lose My Mind

Pregnancy makes me temporarily lose my mind. Here are a few examples…

When I get a positive pregnancy test, I without fail am always shocked. I should not be surprised! The test is as clear as can be. It has two bright pink lines, but I am convinced that it is lying to me. Or if it isn’t lying I suddenly have no idea what those two lines could indicate. Before I took the test two lines meant “pregnant”, but now I am sure there is some kind of mistake and that my two lines mean “I cannot possibly be pregnant.” I then agree with myself that I should take five more tests to prove that this one is wrong. I believe this is temporary insanity, but it usually fades with an ultrasound or by the time morning sickness strikes.

Temporary insanity not only strikes when I am finding out that I am pregnant, but it also creeps in when I am going to find out the sex of the baby. It starts when I begin to convince myself that since my friend is having a boy, my chances of having a boy are suddenly gone. I truly believe there is no way that I could have a precious little boy if she is having one. I believe she somehow stole my chance (as if she actually has anything to do with it.) I fully persuade myself of things like this, and am genuinely shocked when I get a precious little boy.

Not only do I lose my mind over the reality of being pregnant, and finding out the sex of the baby, but I also have serious denial issues about labor and delivery. When I was nine months pregnant with Elias, due in two days, I suddenly woke up with intense contractions. Again the temporary insanity flooded in. I began to pace the house with pain like I had never felt before. After a few hours on nonstop moaning, I convinced myself I was making it up and needed to tough it out by myself. I decided I shouldn’t wake Mark up because he would have to go to work the next day and
somehow I would magically recover. I decided I would wander and moan around the house like it was a perfectly normal thing to do. I mean really, I was nine months pregnant, due any day, having contractions every few minutes, but there was no way I was in labor! This is insanity. I was in serious denial and needed a reality check. Thankfully Mark woke up and noticed my odd behavior and kindly informed me that we should actually go to the hospital. Thanks to his brilliant thinking, Elias was delivered safe and sound within the walls of a hospital.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Makes Me Temporarily Lose My Mind

  1. I love this! I felt the exact same way with a positive pregnancy test. I kept thinking, I know we’re trying to have a baby, but how am I pregnant? Ha Ha.

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