Elias’ New Big Boy Room

A few weeks ago we found out we are going to have another baby boy. This inspired me to start working on Elias’ big boy room. Instead of creating a whole new nursery for Baker baby #2, we decided to move Elias into a new room.

First, I set up Elias’ toddler bed. I dont’ think he’ll actually sleep in here for a while since he’s only 16 months old, but I thought I would set it up while I had the energy.

Elias gets very excited about sitting on his new bed.

His new room is decorated with cars and trucks.

We added some storage for toys.

We added a new black out curtain.

Elias still loves his bookshelf. He is totally like Mark when it comes to books.

One of Elias’ favorite things in his new room is the rug. He was so excited about it the first day that he tried to bring it to breakfast. It was a little heavy for him to carry, so I promised him we’d come play with it again after we ate.

To finish off the room, I painted Elias’ letters bright red. These letters will hang over his bed.


5 thoughts on “Elias’ New Big Boy Room

  1. Wow Ashley that looks amazing! So cute. I can tell he loves it. I love the artwork and the curtain and the bedspread and the shelves and the rug….I guess I love it all! Ha Ha!!!!

  2. SOOO CUTE!!! aww he is not old enough to have a big boy room! haha he is such a cutie on his big boy bed! can’t wait to see his room in person :). Soon you will have two boys filling those rooms! woo hoo!

  3. I love his bed! It’s so cute. I miss you guys! I know it’s only been a week since I’ve seen you. Ha Ha. I just love spending time with you guys!

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