Fun Stuff Fridays…

5 Things I Like…

1. I like the movie Pride and Prejudice. I watched it earlier this week, and at one point Elias was sitting on the couch with me holding my hand.


2. I love it when babies impersonate adults. I think it is hilarious. Elias has become my little parrot recently.  He will repeat whatever I say or do. All of that to say, I had no idea how bad my morning sickness looked to a one and a half year old until one day Elias pranced into the bathroom after me. He smiled mischievously in my direction; walked over to the toilet, hung his head over it and started “pretend coughing.” I  laughed my head off after that because my poor son is “playing” morning sickness. I don’t know who to feel more sorry for… him or me.

3. I love organizing! I’ve read parts of Sandra Felton’s book and it has really helped my home become neat and clean. This week I got rid of five trash bags full of stuff just from my closet.


4. I like finding random gift cards that I didn’t know I had. This week we found a $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods and we bought Mark a new pair of running shoes. Always check the balance before you throw something away. This gift card was seconds away from the dump.

5. I love cinnabons. Mark, Elias, and I went on a family date and split one. Yum!


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