The Things My Baby Says

The Things My Baby Says… at One and a Half

  1. “Dat’s Dada!” (That is Daddy)  “Mat’s Mama” (That is Mommy) “Pat’s Papaw” (That is Papaw)
  2.  UhFooz  (A Shoe)
  3. Nack (A snack)
  4. Wawa (Water, milk, cup, bath water, or any container that could hold water)
  5. Bye-Bye (The Car, or Leaving the house)
  6. Wide (Ride in his toy car)
  7. Ummmm (index finger is always against his chin while he stares into the pantry and decides what snack he wants to eat).
  8. Ni-night ( A fan we turn on in his room at bedtime)
  9. Hein (Thank you- I don’t know where he got this, but he says it consistently as thank you)
  10. Na nana (Banana)
  11. Ba-by (Anyone’s stomach due to me being pregnant, his belly button, a picture of a baby, or a real baby)
  12.  Diss?  Dat? (What is this? / what is that?) The other day at the library he stuck his index finger on a little boys head and asked “Diss?”
    Oh baby boy!

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