Baby Book Worms

As the kids in our neighborhood walk down the street to the bus stop with their new backpacks and lunch boxes, I can’t help but love school. For some reason, I love the nippy air that accompanies the newly rising sun in the morning. I love new school clothes, and I love the idea of having a mountain of new school supplies and books in a backpack.

That being said, I am not ready to walk Elias to the bus stop at the end of our street and send him off to his first day of school. I do, however, think this is good because Elias is only eighteen months old. I’m sure the teacher would appreciate it if he was at least be potty trained before coming to class.

So what about pre-school, am I ready for that? Let’s just say, I think I would probably fall into an emotional stupor if I sent him to pre-school. And if by chance I didn’t cry like a baby when I dropped him off, I’d probably miss him so much that I’d be “that mom.” You know the one who stands outside of the class room door peaking in for nearly two hours before leaving. By the time I’d make it to the parking lot, class would be over and I’d have to walk back in and pick him up. I’m not ready.

With Pre-school out of the picture, I intentionally wanted to find something to do with Elias- something that was geared towards his age group and something that we could do together. That is when I found Baby Book Worms at our library. It is a once a week class that reads, sings, and does nursery rhymes. Elias and I have been going for about a month and he loves it. He claps his chubby hands together after the songs, and really enjoys reading the books.

This is Elias ready to go to his little class.

Isn’t he the cutest little guy? He loves his class, but even when we are at home he wants to walk around with his backpack and lunchbox.

Afterwards we go to the park that is adjacent to the library. We usually lay out a picnic blanket and relax in the shade. Without fail we end up with sticky hands from our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice boxes.

Here is Elias’ new lunchbox. He picked this one out because he really loves Elmo right now. He refers to him as “Elm.”

After a leisurely lunch, Elias will tear off running into the open field, recklessly screaming and kicking his ball. By the time Elias is red in the face from racing up and down the field, he is ready for a nap. A quick bedtime story and he’s off to snooze.


4 thoughts on “Baby Book Worms

  1. So adorable! I used to take Weston to the Library for that too! And we would hang out in the park with a snack after also…Some good sweet memories.

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